Tuesday, January 11, 2011

KARA holds press conference for upcoming drama, “URAKARA”

KARA held their first press conference for their upcoming drama, “URAKARA,” at the Tokyo TV studio on January 10th. All of the members were said to have expressed their thoughts in fluent Japanese.

Leader Gyuri revealed, “The drama is about dating, and a variety of different genres are mixed in. Things such as robots appear as well, so fans can look forward to many different things.” Seung Yeon added, “Please watch over us grow not only as singers, but through this drama as well.”

Nicole expressed, “It’s our first drama, so there is a sense of pressure, but we slowly got used to the filming and are now able to have a lot of fun with it.” Goo Hara continued, “Please look forward to the different dating missions all five of us will be accomplishing.”

Ji Young concluded, “Like the title ‘URAKARA’, the members will be showing new and different sides of themselves. Viewers will even be able to see the KARA members in love.”

The drama will consist of a total of 12 episodes and will begin airing on January 14th. The girls will also be singing the opening song, “Ima, Okuridai Arigatou.”

source: tokyohive

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