Friday, January 14, 2011

Mano Erina writes an emotional post about her meeting with Lin Lin

Hello! Project soloist Mano Erina updated her blog with a very long, but touching story about her friendship with ex-Morning Musume member, Lin Lin.

Attaching a photo to the post, Mano wrote:

“Today was something I’ve always wanted to do… I’ve been promising to do it since about 2
years ago. I went to go eat with Lin Lin (*^ー^*) It was late, but I’m so glad we made it happen
(・∪・*) I finally got to tell Lin Lin ‘Congratulations on your graduation!’ in person! Before, when we were next to each other (at graduation), seeing Lin Lin’s face made me cry and I couldn’t say it right (/_\;)

Ever since Lin Lin and I were Eggs, and stood together on stage for the first time, we’ve been close friends. Because Lin Lin got into Morning Musume, I only got to see her at the summer and winter Hello! Project concerts; but when we had rehearsals, we’d eat together! It had been such a long time since we talked at ease with each other like today – I had so many things to talk about and the conversation just didn’t end (´∀`人) We talked about the first time we met, the first time we did a performance as brand new Eggs, about the Hello! Project concerts… We both kept saying, “Things like that feel so strange.”

Bright Lin Lin, who always has a smile on her face… I really do love you!!! When you first came
to Japan, we both asked, ‘How are we supposed to communicate?’ We didn’t know, but… since then, we’ve been together and didn’t worry about it.

…Even though there were sad feelings, we promised each other: ‘We’ll both do our best, and stand on the same stage again!’ Lin Lin said (at graduation), ‘Even though we’ll be far apart, we’ll be connected by the sky,’ so I won’t cry in front of Lin Lin!

Really, thank you. I love you Lin Lin (●´∀`●)“

Fans’ hearts melted, as they commented, “I’m so glad you got to see Lin Lin,” “When I read that you and Lin Lin had been friends since you were Eggs, it broke my heart,” and “You two are so close.”

source: tokyohive

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