Friday, January 14, 2011

[News] 4minute's Nam Jihyun continued her activities in Malaysia despite bad health conditions

4Minute, including other co-CUBE Entertainment artists such as BEAST and G.NA, had just finished a successful concert in Malaysia yesterday. However, behind the girls' energetic and fierce performance for the concert, was the unknown condition of 4Minute's Leader, Nam Jihyun, as she has been reportedly suffering from bad health conditions even before they went to Malaysia.

A staff from CUBE said that she started this New Year while gravely suffering from severe colds. It also seemed like her condition got worst the moment they went to Malaysia as her body had a hard time adjusting to the changing weather temperature as they transferred from South Korea to Malaysia. He also said that Jihyun is currently getting some treatments and is trying her best to feel better as soon as possible.

CUBE's representative also revealed that they already recommended Jihyun to take a break with her family to avoid further harm on her health; however, she still insisted on finishing all her responsibilities for she was also worried for the group's performance and enforced that she has to finish what the group has committed of doing.

Meanwhile, the girls of 4Minute are also in their preparations for their upcoming comeback.

Source: NATE News
Reporting + Translating + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com

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