Sunday, January 9, 2011

[News] G.NA's duet track with Wheesung to be released on the 11th

[Sports Today Reporter Lee Kibum]

G.NA and Wheesung have collaborated together.

G.Na and Wheesung’s duet track ‘I’m Meeting You for The First Time’ is a song that expresses the feeling of a first meeting between a boy and a girl in a blind date setting who feel attracted to each other by destiny and confess to each other in a conversational way.

This track, ‘I’m Meeting You For the First Time’, in which Wheesung participates in and produces himself, takes G.NA’s delicate yet attractive voice color with Wheesung’s excitement of beginning love.

On the other hand, G.NA and Wheesung’s collaboration ‘I’m Meeting You For the First Time’ will be revealed online on the upcoming 11th and her regular album is planning on being released on the 18th.

Reporter Lee Kibum
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(NOTE: It is only ASSUMED that her album will be released on the 18th.) 


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