Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[News] It's Okay, Daddy's Girl issued warning for content

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl has received a warning from the Korea Communications Standards Commission regarding its content, which is, to be fair, veering a little makjang.

At issue is the drama’s provocative content with all its violence, threats, and secret plots that the commission deems excessive for a youthful audience. A few examples: Jeon Tae-soo has the hots for Moon Chae-won, and in his attempt to play the hero, he hires a guy to assault her, intending to save her. When a character dies, the guilty party uses his connections to get off scot-free and pin it on someone else. People are paid off and sent away. And so on.

While that excessive content was cited by the commission, in my opinion Daddy’s Girl is really so mild that none of those issues are all that edgy or dark, really. The problem is partially that dramas in that timeslot (9 pm rather than 10 pm like other prime-time dramas) are more sensitive to controversial content because they’re on earlier, but seriously,Daddy’s Girl is tame. There has been FAR worse content in shows with similar timeslots, likeWife’s Temptation and its spinoff, Angel’s Temptation. There we had rape, revenge, and suicide, to name a few quintessential makjang elements.

On top of that, Daddy’s Girl has received the complaint that there is too much product placement, with almost all of the cast possessing techie gadgets that look right out of a sales catalog. Sometimes those are even accompanied by a few lines of dialogue indicating the nifty special features built into the machines.

Meanwhile, the drama has been extended for one episode, bringing the total to 17 episodes. Originally slated for 16, the show got off-schedule in its first week due to a broadcast pre-emption, and this move is to even out its finale week.

Via E Daily
Credits: dramabeans

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