Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[News] New girl group Dal★Shabet is named after a children's story book

A growing number of netizens are protesting against a new girl group who appear to be using the title of a children’s book for their name.

The book’s author is none too pleased with the new six-member group that has begun appearing in magazines and on national TV this month.

Baek Hee-na, author of the book “Dal Sherbet” has been highly praised for her creative storyline and pictures. “Dal Sherbet” — “Dal” being the Korean word for “moon” — is a story about a grandmother who makes sherbet out of a moon. Not long after release, the book’s popularity soared among children, recording sales of 28,000 copies in four months.

The group, who make public appearances wearing little white skirts, are going by the slightly altered spelling of “Dal Shabet.”

Baek, who spent more than four years working on “Dal Sherbet,” expressed dismay via Twitter. Baek stated that, after the release of her book, she received a call from an entertainment agency asking for permission to use the title to name the new group. Baek claimed that she turned them down.

“They are trying to use the title of a children’s book to name a sexy girl group. ‘Dal Sherbet’ isn’t a name of an ice cream or a coffee shop. It is a title of a creative picture book for Korean children. Even if this is not an illegal act, this is immoral and unconscionable behavior.”

Baek has since erased her comments from Twitter but, by Dec. 30, 926 netizens had joined a group trying to stop Dal Shabet from using the name.

Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, admitted on Dec. 30 to having contacted Baek regarding the use of the title.

However, the agency said that using the name Dal Shabet is fully legal and the two meanings are different. It claimed that “Dal Sherbet” describes “moon and sherbet” while “Dal Shabet” means “sweet sherbet.”

Credits: Korea Herald + Everything Dal★shabet
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