Monday, August 8, 2011

Adelia Rasya - Indonesian Sexy Movie Star

Although previously never thought to dive into the world of entertainment, Adelia Rasya could have a stamp 'sex bomb' when she was involved in two adult movies, Marriage Contract Again (2008) and Blood Virgin Honeymoon (2009).

But in the film Nazar, he would prove himself capable of acting, not just a lot of passion mengumbar fishing areas of the adam. Just try watching''Nazar, my role, my acting be judged,''he said.

Adelia has a unique and thrilling experience when involved in Nazar, including when there is a scene he shared Jesssica (main character) would cross a bridge. ''If I may scream, I'm afraid with a bamboo bridge that will cross at that location filming in Cianjur. Spooky place,''the story.

Adelia Rasya - Indonesian Sexy Movie Star

Adelia Rasya

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